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When it comes to planning a funeral for the first time, or anytime really, it can seem a bit overwhelming. There are many things to keep in mind when planning the service, from the obituary all the way to what kind of flowers you want. At Vereb Funeral Home we’re here for you every step of the way.


However, to get caught up to speed on the entire process of planning a funeral, we recommend you read through this comprehensive funeral planning guide. If you have any questions about our funeral planning services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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What is the Purpose of a Funeral?

A funeral not only honors a life, it also helps loved ones on their grief journeys. Through adding personal touches, the funeral can both capture a life story and help loved ones honor their memory.



What Happens at a Funeral?

A funeral not only honors a life, it also helps loved ones on their grief journeys. Through adding personal touches, the funeral can both capture a life story and help loved ones honor their memory. 


What Happens at a Funeral? 

Typically, a funeral includes a visitation, funeral service, burial or cremation, and a post-funeral reception. However, these traditions may vary depending on your religious and personal beliefs, and you can customize your service to create a truly unique funeral experience.

At the visitation, you may view your loved one, express your condolences to the grieving family, view any memorial displays or videos, and sign the funeral register book. The funeral service is typically at a church, funeral home, or another significant location. It may include a eulogy, scripture readings, prayers, memorial songs, and other meaningful tributes. 

If you choose to bury your loved one, there also may be a funeral procession to the cemetery. After the burial or cremation, everyone may gather at the service location or another place for a post-funeral reception for a meal and sharing memories of your loved one.


Funeral Service Types

“Funeral service” is a broad term that can be broken down into many different funeral service options: 

  • Traditional funeral service — This is a typical service with a visitation, ceremony, and burial or cremation. You also can choose to not have a visitation, but we encourage you have one, as it helps everyone grieve their loss. 
  • Celebration of life ceremony — This is similar to a funeral service, but allows more room for creativity and may not always follow the traditional elements of a funeral service. 
  • Graveside funeral service You can have this instead of or in addition to a traditional funeral service or celebration of life ceremony. 
  • Direct burial or cremation — This wouldn’t include a visitation or service, but we encourage you to have a service, as it both honors your loved one and helps everyone grieve their loss.


Funeral Service Personalization Ideas

Simple, yet meaningful details can create a more personalized funeral service for grieving family and friends. 

Some funeral personalization ideas include: 

  • A decorated display table of a loved one’s prized possessions 
  • Serving their favorite meal or famous recipe 
  • Playing their favorite songs 
  • Designing the service around a significant theme like a favorite hobby 
  • Incorporating their favorite color into the service

The Visitation: Accepting condolences from your friends Saying Goodbye to the one so loved

Visitation is an event that enables family and friends the opportunity to express sympathy and to share memories with the family of the deceased, as well as the opportunity to say your own goodbyes. Visitations are for the living, enabling the bereaved to receive the support of friends and family immediately following the death. Our comfortable and attractive facilities offer you the opportunity to meet in an environment that enhances this difficult yet meaningful experience, whether in a large or an intimate setting.

When a traditional funeral service is preferred, you want an experienced professional. We have relationships with area clergy, and if desired, can put you in touch with someone with understanding about what you are going through, and how you might like to personalize the service

Services may be religious, secular, or spiritual, but should always reflect your loved one. We strive to make this event meaningful to your beliefs & traditions as well as making it in accordance with your desires. Helping you make this ceremony everything you want it to be is crucial for us.




Cemetery Arrangements

Whatever your choice regarding your loved one's final resting place, we can assist you. Our sensitive staff will guide you--whether you already have a cemetery plot, or if you need to select a cemetery. There are many choices available to you; and we will support you as you decide what would be appropriate for your family.



Custom designed flowers

For a unique tribute and a distinctive acknowledgement of your loved one, let us put you in touch with someone who can custom design an exclusive floral arrangement.



A Favorite Song

In times of sorrow, funeral music can say what the heart finds no words for. During the service, favorite songs of your loved one may be played, interspersed between eulogies and scripture readings. These may include favorite popular songs, or music that reflects a tradition or a specific culture. Let us assist you in arranging that special musical touch.



The Final Ride

For those who appreciate the classic Cadillacs of the 1990's, we proudly serve our clients our matching lead car and hearse, 1990 and 1991. Both are restored to new condition and match our company image, building, and identity.

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At Vereb Funeral Home, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of funeral service types. Whether you want a traditional funeral or a more out-of-the-box funeral ceremony, our staff is here to help.

Visit our funeral home or contact us to learn more about our funeral services.


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